3G Iphone froze at Apple Screen, no way to restart...


While downloading bloomberg app, it hung up and i reset the phone during the install. Since then, it has displayed the apple start up screen and thats it. If you power down the phone completely and reboot it it goes right back to that screen and hangs up. Worse yet, when I plug it into itunes it freezes my computer up until you unplug it again. I'm being escalted as we speak after 45 mins on the phone going thru basics with an Apple Tech. No luck there!

  1. turn iphone off the at same time press and hold both the home button and on off button down until apple logo appears then wait till slide phone to on comes up.
  2. Try This:1. Remove Sim Card
    2. Hold in 'Home' button and 'On/Off' button together until Apple logo appears
    3. Replace Sim Card
    4. Hold in 'Home' button and 'On/Off' button together until normal phone screen appears.

    This 'fix' worked for me when my phone froze today. Hope it might help others too.
  3. I had the similar problem. Found this suggestion on the web to reset iPhone 3G to it's original settings. You may have to restore your media and data files after resetting. It's the only way out for me since I can't get beyond the "Apple Logo" thingy, and I am too lazy to bring it down to the Apple Store.

    Try this:
    1.) Shut down the iPhone 3G.
    2.) Start up iTunes
    3.) Hold down HOME button on the iPhone 3G
    4.) While keeping the HOME button depressed, plug in the Sync cable
    5.) A message will pop up to ask if you want to reset.
    6.) Just click YES and the reset process should start.