Touch screen problems


When im using the touch screen, on the left half of the screen, i will draw a line with my stylus but when i do this it does not follow my stylus straight away until it gets to the right half of the screen, then it goes back to normal. i have tried to calibrate it for over 50 minutes but nothing happens.

  1. this is for everybody who cannot re-calibrate their touch screens if it doesn't work on the 1st attempt it never will.I had the same problem and solved it by replacing the touch can obtain a new one from "e" bay it will come from Hong Kong and is easy to replace if you have a little knowledge in taking things electronic apart.It will also save you the expense and hassle of sending it away for repair trust me it works hope this is of help.
  2. Touch Screen doesn't respond or is inaccurate when touched

    * Be sure that you're using only the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS with the stylus. The upper screen is not a touch screen.

    * Use only licensed Nintendo DS styluses and screen protectors.

    * Unlicensed screen protectors can lower the sensitivity of the touch screen. If the problem you are experiencing started happening after you attached a screen protector, you may want to remove it. Please note that some screen protectors can leave behind a residue that may be difficult to clean. If you are planning on removing a screen protector that has been placed on your Nintendo DS, click here for tips on cleaning your screens.

    * If the touch screen is not responding when touched, or the accuracy of the screen is off, you may need to recalibrate the touch screen. Click here for help recalibrating the Touch Screen.

    * If recalibrating the screen didn't solve the problem (see above step), hold the Nintendo DS at an angle so that you can see where the edges of the Touch Screen meet the housing of the system. Look around the entire edge of the Touch Screen for any foreign material (such as crumbs, etc.) that may be wedged in between the Touch Screen and the housing of the DS. Foreign material in this area can cause the Touch Screen to work incorrectly. If there are any visible particles, please follow these steps for cleaning the screen.

    If the above steps do not solve the problem, your system will need to be repaired. Click here for repair information.
  3. your touch screen may or not be dirty that has happened to me before I got my eye class cloth and wiped the screen for a minute and it worked again. if you do not have a eye class cleaner a game stop or at a game store they sometimes have DS cleaning cloths but almost any soft cloth will work. Other wise you are pressing way to hard on you touch screen.