Action Replay for Nintendo DS


My son's Action Replay for Nintendo DS suddenly stopped working. The screen is just blank when you turn it on and it will not register when you try to hook it up via the USB to the computer. Any suggestions?

  1. Prob: Two white Screens:
    Solution: none so far, have emails sent to Datel. see what happens. This occurs when attempting save codes with the DS and the AR is pulled out or DS powered off. My suggestion if you get a new one, only update codes using the PC software.

    Prob: AR keeps asking for game cart. insertion:
    Solution: remove AR and put in game cart.

    Prob: AR not enough memory to update codes:
    Solution: there is more bugs in their software/firmware that doesn't really know when items are deleted and space is free. You must reset AR cart. and then use the PC software to reload all the codes:

    a) First I would update the AR PC software (no DS AR connected)
    b) Connect DS with AR to PC then update the AR firmware
    c) Disconnect DS AR from PC
    d) DS off hold A+B when TURN ON DS when DS logo shows press START+SELECT with A+B still down as well, hold for a while. turn off DS
    e) Reconnect to PC, turn on DS and drag the PC US codes to the DS side. (Note: I had to do 4 & 5 a couple of times it finally worked)

    Prob: AR PC software not seeing the DS AR connection: Solution: The PC drivers are not being found for the NDS link. You need to do the following:

    a) close the AR PC software, and disconnect the AR DS.
    b) connect the AR DS and then the windows new hardware driver install window pops up. must select using the manual browse option.
    c) go the the action replay directory either on the action replay CD you bought or from a extracted version from the web. (NOTE: this is not the installed location, but before where the setup.exe exists) I had lost my CD and did about 10 minutes and found a .rar of the source code.
    d) pick the action replay subdirectory and click on install
    e) you should see the NDS link drivers being installed.
    f) start the AR PC software and attempt to connect the DS AR it should work.

    -- I hope this helps anyone --
  2. Have you tried blowing on your game cartridge? somtimes the console games get dusty inside, i suppose if you try blowing in the game cartige it might work.