Nintendo DS Lite, left trigger not functioning


The left trigger on my DS Lite isn't working. it feels the same as my right trigger, and it looks the same as my right trigger, ie, it isn't smashed in or falling off. I was playing Brothers in Arms and left trigger shoots the gun, and it shot once when i pressed it, but now it won't do anything anymore. I haven't dropped my ds recently or abused it in any way.

  1. You need to open your DS. You'll need a precision philips screw driver and a tri-wing screw driver. Get a Q-tip and dab it in water. Next, brush the wet Q-tip on the L button. It's ok if little water goes inside the button. Get one of those air spray cans and spray the button dry. That should fix your DS.

    The reason why I think your trigger button is not responding is because there may be dust buildup in your button. I hope this works for ya.
  2. The thing that cross731 said really really helps. If your too scared to open your ds/ds lite, just put your nail under the trigger pull up and just blow into the little hole that you see. It works I just tried it and my left rigger is working just fine.