Date/time change


please can you tell me how to change the date/time on my phone KX-T7730

If this telephone is connected to a electronic modular switching system, please refer to the user manual of the system and just follow the simple steps and presto.. tnxYou need to make sure you are doing it on the main extension - usually 101. On other extensions it won't work and you will get the 3 beeps.Press program
then 0
(this will then display current date and time - overtype as follows)
eg. for Friday 2nd November 2007 8:58 am you type the following
071102 (date backwards) [space] 5 (Friday is 5th day of week) [space] 0858 (time) [space] 0 (0 is am, 1 is pm)
Press the store button and then program button to exit the programming.