IPhone 3G bluetooth problem


I can't get my iPhone 3G to detect other bluetooth devices. Some devices detect it, but are unable to pair with the Iphone 3G.

This iPhone 3G bluetooth problem is another one in a chain of iPhone 3G problems, i'm starting to regret i bought it.

  1. Don't worry all of the iPhone 3G problems will be solved, including the bluetooth problem, & you will be able to enjoy your iPhone 3G.

    The iPhone eG bluetooth problem is quite easy to fix -

    Rest car hands free
    Reset iPhone 3G
    Now your pairing should work.
  2. I just got it to work. Follow these steps:

    On iPhone:
    1) Go to Settings
    2) Go to Reset
    3) Select "Reset All Setting" (Make sure you save passwords. Data is safe.

    On Car:
    Clear all previous pairings.
    Once iPhone reboots, turn on Bluetooth.