Imagine fashion designer


my daughter is stuck on one level.she has tried does she design the appropriate skirts for that level?

  1. Here is the information I could dig up for you. It appears that many girls had this problem. Any additional tips and information are available at apparently there are a few tricky levels. Here is a link to the forum for your daughter's game:

    "ok use the first skirt for every one. and heres what u do. cut them the shortest they can get. then do one hot pink with the polka dot patterns, next do one lime green with the stripe pattern then do one yellow with the flower pattern, next bright blue like turquisy but BRIGHT and with the plaidish pattern and lastly use bright purple with another flower pattern but make sure its a different one then the one u used before! best of luck. hope this helped"

    " now you should have 3 skirt lengths make them all as short a possible
    2. put light and bright colors on them
    3.put a nice fun summer print.
    4. keep on changing the skirts each time until u are done(be careful not to repeat a skirt)"