Phone settings


how to set clock on kx t7731

  1. I hit Program then the number 0, it will read out something like
    080320 4 03:43 1
    Not sure about all the numbers but once you see the read out copy it and then type in the change using the numbers
    08 - the year
    03 - the month
    20 - the day
    no spaces
    type in 4 because it was there i just wanted to change the time
    then the new time
    0407 and then the 1 because it was there
    I'm sure it was for PM but was happy to just get the time changed

    Again no apces or other keys just the numbers
    Once done
    I hit the Auto Dial/Store
    it returned me to the program and I clicked program and ended it.

    Date and time were what I wanted.
  2. program 0 set date then set time