IPod Touch doesnt show in "my computer"


I can't see my iPod Touch in "my computer", do I have to use iTunes? it is really annoying I would rather just do copy and paste.


There's a program called TouchCopy that you can use to access your iPod Touch as a drive.

If you have a mac, then the iPod Touch does appear as a drive, I learned this when I took mine to the Apple store for some problems I was having and they told me it works on macs, but not PC's. Typical.

There may be other programs similar to TouchCopy that are free if you look.The new iPods are using flash drives inside so now the new iTunes will only recognize the iPod Touch and the old iPods use HARD DRIVES! So just remember that there are no disk mode in the new iPods!The Solution #2 is correct because Ipod nanos all have flash memories but you can still view them through the "my computer" app so it must be true then that the new ipod touch CANNOT be viewed through "my computer"... my guess would be that the softwear available to take information from broken down ipod harddrives is also being used to steal/share music with other ipods... and since that would take business away from itunes they made sure that it wouldnt keep happening...