Itouch 16gb, Cannot get an internet connection


I get a full strength wifi connection but cannot get onto the internet as it keeps saying "Cannot connect you to server" what do I do???

Just got my 32 gb ipod touch (with updates) today. I also wasnt able to access safari despite itouch recognized my home wireless network. i wrote down all the DHCP settings. I also have an xbox 360. On my 360 I checked the network connections (purple blade for 360 owners). then checked these w/ my laptop's network settings. then i re-typed the settings in static instead of the DHCP section. Actually most the settings were there already. I had to delete2 or the 3 DNS settings (one was the generic that) then there were twice listed identical DNS server #'s: (depending on your own server). I erased one of these & was able to get on Safari right away at this point.I solved my wifi problem by checking the dns settings. When I 1st logged on to my home secure wifi network my router uploaded all of its dhcp & dns settgs to my itouch. My itouch could see my router; I could ping my itouch's ip address from my
pc..but my itouch would get server could not be found in safari.
After trying multiple times to renew my dhcp lease & resetting my network settings on my itouch-all to no avail-I erased all of the dhcp settings that were uploaded to my itouch, and using the static ip setting I manually entered the ip address,subnet mask,router ip address, & dns address into my itouch(all of these settings I copied from my router settings). THE ONE THING I NOTICED WAS THAT THE DHCP OF MY ROUTER ENTERED -2- DNS ADDRESSES INTO MY ITOUCH.I MANUALLY ENTERED -1-DNS ADDRESS-THE ONE THAT DIDN'T BEGIN WITH 192.168.XXX.XXX . IT WORKED!! Itouch
apparently can't distinguish between 2 dns addresses-it needs one to work with. After doing this I was able to access safari.
Beware of dns addresses that begin with 192.168 as these are just octets that home network routers such as linksys use to designate the wan ip address of your router and as such are not true internet dns server ip addresses. i hope this helps:)Try going to the Wi-Fi setting on your ipod touch then tap your home network and when the screen pops up with the I.P Adress, etc...., then go to the button that says " Renew Lease" and Tap it.
It worked for me....hope it helpsTry these settings:

* Go to Settings.
* Select Wi-Fi.
* Chose a network.
* Select the blue arrow next to the network you are connected to.
* Select DNS.
* Change the IP Address to

these worked for me on my itouch 16GBHit "Forget this Network", go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network. Worked for me. I was having sam prob. with my 16gb Itouch not being able to connect to internet for 2 days. I tried a few things I read here then I just simply unplugged my netgear wireless modem for about 10sec. plugged it back in and it started to work again and it has 2 dns addresses in it. Hope this helps someone.The password is your encryption code.

To find out your encryption code.....

1. Go to My Computer (or just computer for WindowsVista)
2. Go to Hard Disk Drive "C"
3. Then click on the file with the name of whatever router company you use (e.g. Linksys, Belkin, Netgear, etc.)
4. Then click on Wireless Settings
5. Then at the top, check to see if that's your network name. (If it is, continue with the directions. If it's not, then go back to the file name of your router and choose the other Wireless Settings file.)
6. If it is, click on it and look at the page and look to see if it tells you the encryption code.
7. On your iTouch, go to settings.
8. Then click general.
9. Then click network.
10. Then click "Wi-Fi".
11. Under where it says "Choose a network...", click your network's name. It will then ask for your password. Look back at your encryption code, and type it in.

You should be all set!

If this doesn't help, try going to the nearest Apple store. They can set you up with a technician. (You have to set up an appointment) They have very nice service.

Trying to talk to your router company, probably won't help. Your router is not the problem.I actually just recently bought a new 16gb I touch. At first I didn't know how to operate the internet but figured it out. From your home page, you would choose settings. On the screen should indicate WIFI button. Click that button. You would first set up your wifi on your itouch to the router coming from your house or an unsecured wireless site. After it is connected, then you would select that router connection Ex. Linksys SES..... then it should go into the WIFI settings. Scroll to the bottom at the HTTP Proxy, select NONE. After I changed the setting, I went to safari and was able to access the internet. I hope this help