Nintendo DS charger plug is stuck


My daughter just opened up her new DS and my son (a seasoned veteran at the game) helped her set it up. He plugged in the charger, and when he went to unplug it, the plug would not come out. I looked at it and can see that it seems that the plug is stuck in such a way that it is articulating on something. The charger is from a pelican play pack. Any suggestions?

  1. Unfortunatly I had the same problem. I found that if you pull at it with a little bit of force, at an angle it comes out. If that does not work jiggle it for a sec or two and try again. GOOD LUCK!
  2. If you can fit anything in between the charger and the socket like a piece of very thin laminate etc you may be able to free that lodged pin, make sure if you do try this you use something non conductive and you also remove the battery first.
  3. we had same problem and went for 3 days trying to sort this out. we read this forum and the "side to side wiggle" did the trick. THANK YOU. now it does in and out just fine. it only had a problem on the first plug-in.