Nintendo DS Console Ds light not coming on and charger not working


one day i was playing my ds, but the next day, i charged it for like 6 hours but it still wouldnt come on

  1. If you have a bad battery there is a chance you are going to get that light popping off after a few seconds or just staying amber forever. you can easily check this by trying a friends battery in your unit right? or vise versa, try your battery in another unit.

    If the battery is not bad then you have another problem...

    If your light is flickering on and then off again you may have blown a fuse. The DS has two fuses, this is a common problem. Google it theres info out there on this.

    If your battery is charging up and the light is staying on this is sometimes not a problem to be honest, it could just mean your battery is fully charged. The problem with your DS not powering up could be as simply as a faulty switch. To determine this I would first make sure that your DS is charging up batteries fine, maybe try a friends low battery. if you have a faulty switch this is nothing major to replace but you need to be half decent with fixing stuff dudes to crack open that DS and start playing.